My purpose is “To help bold, driven and compassionate entrepreneurs and business leaders accomplish their goals and significantly increase their social good.”

Most of my clients are business leaders who own and/or run growing, profitable organizations with 5 to 100 employees. As I have been blessed to consult with hundreds of these business owners, CEOs and executive directors over the last fifteen years, I have discovered that all of my highest performing clients share most of the same characteristics and want the same broad results.

My Ideal Business Coaching Clients are:

– Experienced, passionate and creative experts in their specific industry
– Burning with a desire to create a better version of themselves and their business or non-profit
– Focused on delivering highest quality levels of products, services and customer service
– Committed to creating a culture of success, goal planning and customer loyalty
– Giving back in meaningful ways to important charities and causes
– Caring about the environment and want to be more green and sustainable

My Ideal Clients Want Business Coaching Help With:

– Pursuing a life of purpose and true freedom without fear or compromise
– Developing a clear, focused, strategic vision of the future tied to specific goals
– Attracting and retaining right-fit loyal customers, employees and strategic partners
– Working less and working smarter in order to create a better work/life balance
– Making a lasting and positive impact on their industry, their community and their family
– Improving their Triple Bottom Line (people, planet and profit)

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ideal clients

Customer Testimonial: Jade Star Acupuncture [5 min 10 sec]

My ideal business coaching clients have a burning desire to make a bigger impact in the lives of their customers, employees, family and causes. Creating a better version of themselves and their organization is now their primary goal.


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