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Ironwood Tree Experience

Case Study

Ironwood Tree Experience, Eric and Suzy Dhruv

Ironwood Tree Experience (ITE)

Eric and Suzy Dhruv

Ironwood Tree Experience, Eric and Suzy Dhruv

Ironwood Tree Experience (ITE)

Eric and Suzy Dhruv

Ironwood Tree Experience Purpose Statement

“To inspire young people to flourish by engaging with nature and becoming mindful stewards of the environment at home, in their community, and around the world.”

Measurable Results Tied to Original Goals

“Finalization of a three-year organizational vision that guides our operations, and is used as a foundation for which all of our organizational and financial goals are built upon. We received approval of a 501c3 federal tax exemption for Youth Outdoor Experience (doing business as Ironwood Tree Experience). We developed an organizational employment chart that clearly identified the necessary jobs, positions, and potential right employees and the subsequent hiring of employees. We streamlined our signature programs and substantially increased funding from donors, business sponsorships, program revenue, and grants.”

Surprising and Unexpected Results

“We achieved or surpassed all of our many goals with Paul’s steady and professional support. In the first year alone, we increased the number of students we served by over thirty percent and revenue by twenty-three percent.”

How I Have Improved as a Leader

“We have continued to accomplish every goal because I am now aware of the necessary plans, people, and processes that need to be in place to run a strong organization. Instead of being reactive, I am proactive in my marketing, financial planning, and hiring. I feel that I can tackle any future obstacles head on with confidence.”

Some Future Goals

“Expand our reach and capabilities to serve 2,000 students in a year. Identify emerging trends and seek new opportunities to deliver environmental education programs to new markets. Seek opportunities to share experience, tools, and strategies to other non-profits through professional training workshops.”

Challenges that Lie Ahead

“Keep running a sustainable organization without ‘mission creep’ distracting us, which is common with many non-profits who receive funding from grants. We must stay true to ourselves, our purpose, and core values.”

Suzy and Eric Dhruv’s Advice to Business Leaders

“Ask for help and know your true responsibilities. Always operate with passion and constantly improve your business and people skills. Work on your budget, hiring, and your market plan, and for non-profits, build a strong board of directors who can help you grow.” 