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Jade Star Acupuncture

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Jade Star Acupuncture & Wellness, Jennifer Parks

Jade Star Acupuncture & Wellness

Jennifer Parks

Jade Star Acupuncture & Wellness, Jennifer Parks

Jade Star Acupuncture & Wellness

Jennifer Parks

Jade Star Acupuncture & Wellness Purpose Statement

“We simplify the mysteries of Chinese medicine and rekindle the healer within you.”

Measurable Results Tied to Original Goals

“Stay in business, which I wasn’t sure I could do when I first hired Paul. Hey, I think that’s a big deal! Not only did we stay in business, we have more than tripled our sales and profit.”

Surprising and Unexpected Results

“Mostly, my growth as a leader, which has made me a much better CEO and relationship builder. The road to building my business is less extreme with highs and lows. I’ve learned how to watch and observe others to meet their needs so they can be most productive. I’ve learned the importance of core values, which helped us hire others with the same values, which in turn helped us unite and serve our patients to our best abilities. Also, by hiring the right people, I was able to step out of my technician role to become a competent, full-time CEO, which I really enjoy.”

How I Have Improved as a Leader

“I am much stronger with my ability to communicate with my team. Now I feel that I can deal with tough situations with more understanding and empathy. When I consider embarking on a new idea, I am much more strategic, thoughtful, and calculating than before.”

Some Future Goals

“I plan to open a second location in Tucson within one year. I will hire six more acupuncturists in the next year. We are further developing our systems and processes.”

Challenges that Lie Ahead

“Because of the way that insurance companies pay, cash flow and capital are always my biggest challenges! Smoothing this out is critical to our future growth.”

Jennifer Park’s Advice to Business Leaders

“Breathe. Rest. Take time to be with your family. Hire Paul or someone on his team! Make sure to have someone on your team that understands you and works at your pace. Trust yourself always. Sleep on big changes. Take risks when the reward possibilities are good, especially after you’ve reviewed the risks with your consultant or trusted adviser. Know that everything in business takes longer than it should.
When Excel makes you cry, have a glass of wine and work on it until the problem is fixed, then revel in your ability not to throw the computer across the room. Network with people you like. Show up on time. Listen to the needs of others and meet them whenever you can. Love what you do. Learn all you can. Know how to be a peacemaker. Know when to take the credit for something you should’ve done better. Your team is only as good as you prepare them to be.”