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Adam Colwell WriteWorks, Adam Colwell

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks

Adam Colwell

Adam Colwell WriteWorks, Adam Colwell

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks

Adam Colwell

Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks Purpose Statement

“To help writers passionately share their story with words that inspire.”

Surprising and Unexpected Results

“The amount of success and new clients my referral program has created. The return on investment of time and money spent versus income earned is ridiculously strong. In addition, the improvement in my health caused by my new diet and exercise regimen was nothing short of shocking. I didn’t realize the severity of my poor health until I took the proactive steps to turn it around. Not only was I more productive for the clients I had, I took on new clients and increased my monthly income even further.”

How I Have Improved as a Leader

“I use my time more effectively, which has allowed me to better serve my colleagues and clients. I am also absolutely brimming with confidence in myself and in the initiatives I’ve started and maintain to grow my business.”

Some Future Goals

“Increase my income while maintaining or even decreasing my amount of time worked each week. This will allow me to properly address some long-term debt issues and better position me to improve my quality of life with my wife and family through increased traveling.”

Challenges that Lie Ahead

“Continue to grow in my knowledge and execution of the Be Good at Doing Good concepts so that I will properly manage my business growth. It’s no longer a question of if my business will grow, but by how much. That’s a strong position to be in.”

Adam Colwell’s Advice to Business Leaders

“Learn and understand the value you bring to your customers and maximize that in how much you charge, how you market, and how you grow your customer base. In addition, always be humble, teachable, and focused on serving your customers with utmost integrity.”