Why your business exists

The foundation for every successful organization is built upon a Purpose Statement, a clear, focused, strategic Vision Statement and Core Values. These elements need to be clearly identified in order to create a Living Strategic Plan that aligns long terms goals with daily action.

My Business Purpose Statement

To move from just working a job to finding your unique entrepreneurial calling, your business purpose statement must be true to who you are as a person and why you are here on planet Earth. Without this alignment, the wonderful benefits of business ownership are usually unrealized. My Business Purpose Statement – which defines why my business exists – is as follows:

“To help bold, driven and compassionate entrepreneurs and business leaders accomplish their goals and significantly increase their social good.”

Guidelines for Creating a Purpose Statement

Identifying your business purpose statement—why your business exists—is the first fundamental step to identifying who and where to find your right-fit customers. All BGDG businesses share the same four-fold General Purpose of Business:

  1. Attract and retain loyal right-fit customers
  2. Generate a profit today and ensure increased profitability and opportunities in the future
  3. Create a positive social and community impact
  4. Remain true to your personal and business purpose


With this in mind, each business owner is then set with the task of identifying his or her unique Business Purpose Statement that aligns with their general purpose and helps them pursue and achieve their personal purpose, professional goals and path to fulfillment and happiness.

The guidelines for creating a Business Purpose Statement are as follows:

  • Explains why your business exist
  • Is motivational and inspirational
  • Is short and succinct (one sentence is best)
  • Is broad and far-reaching (but not so broad that almost any company could use it)
  • Is not guided by the end goal
  • Is usually communicated internally and externally
  • You and your employees can recite it by memory
  • Is also known to many as a “Mission Statement”


Contact me if you are interested in learning more about creating your own Business Purpose Statement.