It is your road map.

My Vision Statement

Every successful BGDG organization follows a custom, specific time stamped Vision Statement that defines what they aspire to be and dare to achieve in the not-so-distant future. A focused effort on the Vision Statement is necessary to arrive at the clear future you have painted for your business. My 3 year Vision Statements is as follows:

‚ÄúPaul C. Bellows helps entrepreneurs and business leaders discover and harness their Purpose and Vision in order to accomplish their goals and significantly increase their social good. Through proven coaching processes, best selling books, mastermind groups, world-class marketing efforts and a passionate, expert team, Paul is able to positively impact thousands of business owners around the globe. As a result, Paul and his clients successfully represent what it means to Be Good at Doing Good.”

Guidelines for Creating a Vision Statement:

The Vision Statement is a detailed visualization of your destination. It is your road map. It is the tangible result of your Business Purpose Statement. It is a future picture of what you aspire to be and what you dare to achieve. It is your imagination brought to life through a strategic process. It is your foundation to freedom.

Follow these definitions and tips to help you create the Vision Statement for your business:

  • Serves as a future statement of what you aspire to be and what you dare to achieve
  • Used as a beacon for decision making
  • Creates a longer statement (detailed visualization) of your successful outcome
  • Answers who you are, what is your unique excellence, and what are the benefits and results to you and your stakeholders (anyone who has a vested interest in your success)
  • Becomes a tangible result of your purpose
  • Communicates internally, not always externally
  • Written in current tense


Contact me if you are interested in learning more about creating your own Business Vision Statement.