I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, executives and non-profit executive directors to help them achieve their mission and do more good in their communities and around the planet. The results are measurable and transformational.

Aha Moments

It may seem elusive, but it is essential—and it’s one of the greatest thrills of my heart to make it happen for you. It’s an epiphany. It takes place at least once, sometimes multiple times, during each of my business consulting and coaching sessions as I work with my clients to help them “Be Good at Doing Good” for themselves and their businesses.

Being Good at Doing Good means being able to fulfill your mission, achieve your goals, create a sustainable business model, plan for the future, be green, give back in big ways, and create a meaningful legacy. I help clients achieve these results by leading them through a comprehensive business consulting and leadership development process I have developed over 15,000 hours of consulting and coaching over the last 15 years.

Be Good at Doing Good Business Consulting Process

My process involves helping business owners and executive directors build and execute a custom Strategic Living Action Plan (SLAP) based on the steps and principles outlined in my book:

The Right Foundation:
– Follow your Purpose
– Create a Clear, Focused, Strategic Vision
– Live Your Core Values

The Right Leadership:
– Identify Your Personal Leadership Strengths
– Identify Your Professional Leadership Strengths
– Build Your Organization Around Your Leadership Strengths

The Right People:
– Attract and Retain the Right Customers
– Attract and Retain the Right Employees
– Attract and Retain the Right Strategic Partners

The Right Strategy:
– Build the Right Business Model and Pricing Structure
– Create a Social Responsibility Plan
– Set up Your Financial Structure for Success

The Right Action:
Accomplish Your Goals with the Goal Planning System (GPS)
– Measure Results with the Strategic Goal Dashboard
– Master the Strategic Living Action Plan (SLAP)

Customer Testimonial: Affinity for Design [1 min 31 sec]

“Paul Bellows was helping me with some big industry changes going from Graphic Design to digital. I had to get new people with new talents. He helped me every step of the way. The job description change alone with his suggestions gave me better qualified people for positions.”

I conduct my proprietary business consulting process one-on-one with business and non-profit leaders around the world. I also meet with some of my Southern Arizona clients face-to-face. Email me today so we can set up a time for a mutual evaluation.