Mastermind groups for entrepreneurs facilitated by Paul C Bellows exists for like-minded, non-competing business owners to share and help each other with issues and challenges with complete transparency, humility, and vulnerability.

Mastermind Groups for Entrepreneurs

Business owners are creative and hardworking but not always the most patient We leverage the brains, experiences and talents of other business owners and entrepreneurs just like ourselves. Run by a proven coach and trained facilitator, high performing peer advisory groups meet regularly and dig deep into personal and professional issues that are blocking you or your organization from moving to the next level. The leading global advisory group (Vistage International) with over 23,000 members, claims that their members grew 2.2 times faster than average small and midsize U.S. businesses.

My own experience as a member and facilitator of mastermind groups tells me that these results are real. I have witnessed enormous leadership growth, massive jumps in sales and profit, new successful businesses and ideas launched, and even a marriage between two members! It works because a committed group of experienced business leaders, who have no other agenda except to help you, can help you achieve and become anything. At the end of the day, one smart advisor can inspire and assist you with strategy and leadership, but nothing is better than ten to fifteen other “coaches” brainstorming on your behalf.

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My Groups

I have launched several Entrepreneurial Mastermind Groups for bold, driven and compassionate small business owners who wanted to embrace the benefits of a peer-to-peer advisory group facilitated by yours truly.

Mastermind Professionals Gone Wild

Professionals Gone Wild

For smaller business owners and sole proprietors looking to increase revenue and profit while working less.

Mastermind Race to a Million

Race to a Million

For business owners doing around $1 Million in annual revenue and want to grow rapidly.

Mastermind Soaring Eagles

Soaring Eagles

For business owners doing $2 – $10 Million and looking to soar as visionary entrepreneurs and CEOs with an eye toward an exit strategy.

We got about 10-12 business owners that are using their collective experience to solve problems, share ideas and best practices. And I will tell you what, the power of collective thought when you are solving problems and trying to develop solutions gives you a “Quantum Leap” – way better than you could ever do it on your own.”  … Bill Norbrock

I conduct mastermind groups for business who are  looking to grow strategically, solve real problems with real solutions, and support with similar size businesses.

CLICK HERE to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with Paul.

Let’s have an introductory mutual evaluation conversation.


CLICK HERE to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with Paul.

Let’s have an introductory mutual evaluation conversation.